What inversion table should i buy

The Ironman LX300 inversion therapy table is a sturdy, comfy cushioned item of gear that's reputed to assist with back problems like spinal compression and small spinal dislocations. This user-friendly inversion table is also reputed to help elongate the spine and decrease pressure load and back pain. The Ironman LX300 is constructed to be both comfortable and durable. Made from strong steel and padded with cushioned foam, this inversion table is a high choice for many who want to lessen back pain and other back problems. Let us take a better look at a few of the qualities unique to the Ironman LX300.

The Ironman LX300 inversion table has been developed to be very durable and sturdy. Made using a rock solid, heavy duty 1.5-inch steel framework, this dining table is coated with a scratch resistant, powder coated finish. The burden of the inversion table alone is a persuasive clue into the table's strength. You're going to have the ability to practice inversion treatment without fretting with the rugged Ironman LX300, which may hold up to 275 lbs. For further details about how to use an inversion table for bulging disc, visit inversion table reviews.

Features to look for:

* Durable tubular steel framework, scratch resistant powder coated finish

* Foam coated steel extra long safety handles

* Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers to prevent any motion through inversion

* Comfortable and durable nylon backrest

* Ergonomically molded ankle cushions grip legs securely and professionally

* Endurance 300XL will invert into a complete 180 degrees

* Supports up to 300 pounds

* 3 alterations for different beginning inversion angles

* Folds for storage

* Height adjustment up to 6'6

* Readily adjustable safety tether strap controls the maximum angle of inversion

* Durable spring loaded ankle locking method

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