Unexpected Memories in Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak

Habal habal is a local term for a cab or taxi on two wheels wherein tourists will be on a personal tour. Habal habal right now is the new mode of transportation especially in the rural areas of the province of Cebu. They are more accessible and could transport their passengers efficiently without delay; the fastest way possible. Although they can opt to travel on foot, Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls is the most favorable travel by any non-local or foreign tourists on a day tour.

In this way as well, their itinerary will not be compromised and they will always be on or ahead of schedule since their travel will be direct without going to specific stops. It will be a different kind of adventure especially to first timers on a habal habal because of the routes that they are going to take and the road conditions as well – although they need not to worry since habal habal drivers are pretty much versatile and well-versed in driving. Local habal habal drivers are knowledgeable too of the places that they will be going; even Osmena peak and Kawasan falls’ concealed and untold stories they could have information of, making it more interesting and catchy to every tourists’ ear.

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