Stem cell Transplantation To Heal The Cerebral Palsy

Medical investigators are working hard to establish whether stem cell transplant might help heal cerebral palsied children.

Cerebral palsy is a consequence of brain injury or abridgment of oxygen from the mind afore or throughout the arrival.

Someone afflicted with cerebral palsy generally has slow growth, delay in movement abilities, hearing, learning, and similar disabilities.

Ordinarily, prolonged deliveries could lead to lack of oxygen from the brain leading to irreversible damage of the mind.

Physicians and nurses attending to the delivery ought to be exceptionally cautions and behave according to the standards of maintenance to ensure that the infant is delivered in wholesome state.

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Stem cell transplants examined on animals have demonstrated that mature stem cells in the bone marrow will proceed into the website of brain injury.

More study has been carried out to improve this process in a pure manner. New tests are carried out on animals at which bone marrow is removed from 1 group and transplanted to another group to find the consequences.

The cells in the bone marrow are transplanted to the circulatory system of another group and tracked to check if the transplanted cells may proceed to the mind and also help repair damaged brain cells in addition to make new ones.

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