Reasons To Install A Dashboard Cam

Previously, only police vehicle has dashboard camera installed but now dashboard cameras are becoming more and more popular.  Nowadays, dashboard cams are in use for various reasons.  One.  You can use video as a evidence in case of any accident. Two, It protect you from corrupt police officers that have been known to fine without any fault of drivers.

For any false accusations that you might be charged with, you can use video footage to protect yourself in the court. If you are driving to a beautiful landscape, you can records those magical moments and can share them with your friends and family or even adding some background music and can upload them on YouTube.  You can have a backup of your all road trips with high definition videos just with the help of dashboard camera.

You need not to remember to turn on the camera all the time, they automatically start recording when you turn the ignition key. Although memory cards have storage limit but modern dashboard cameras can record up to 4 hours in high definition.

In fact, modern dashboard cameras have G-sensor which stop to overwrite the video, so you need not to worry about the previous footages.  You can mark those parts of video which you don’t want to overwrite to keep them safe.

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