Medical Training – Helping To Save Lives

As an emergency medical technician (EMT), you'll be learning information that will qualify you to handle emergency medical situations, perform emergency medical procedures like cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and run an ambulance to be able to transport an individual needing emergency medical care to a hospital.

An EMT is the first person to arrive on a scene involving individuals, who have become ill, will assess the status of people who have been hurt in an automobile collision, or are involved in conditions that are damaging.

EMT's will attempt to stabilize a person's condition before transporting them to a hospital by using interventions such as treating shock, applying broken bone splints or medical tourniquets, and defibrillation for those undergoing a heart attack.

Medical Training - Helping To Save Lives

So as to be an EMT you need the pass and to complete an emergency medical technician program provided at a two-year college or school, usually by an accredited school. You need to have a high school diploma or GED (general equivalency diploma) before starting your medical practice as an EMT.

Courses will meet or exceed the requirements of the Commission. You should check to be certain that the program you're currently entering has either one of those agencies.

Classes will be involved in your practice as an EMT on physiology and anatomy, which deal with what happens when it malfunctions and the body works. Knowing procedures and the maintenance to use before their condition worsens on someone is an emergency medical technician's purpose. 

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