Know The Difference Between Physical And Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy and occupational therapy form an essential pillar of complementary medicine which improves operational, structural and muscular equilibrium in humans nonetheless; it’s notable that occupational therapy and physical therapy are completely distinct and different tools of rehab.

Physical therapy handles improving the structural and muscular aid of these tendons and tissues after a severe or chronic insult.  The purpose of physical therapy would be to re-establish activity without involving the standard healing procedure.

Occupational therapy handles helping individuals in adapting for their own harms so as to maximize productivity and operational freedom.


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An occupational therapist aids in maximizing the freedom with the assistance of equipment’s and apparatus after a personal accident which may possibly cause permanent disability.

Occupational therapists also play a preventative role by directing ordinary people to work together with their own bodies and perhaps not contrary to their own bodies that’s clearly a top reason of aggravated tear and wear tissue damage and harms.

Physical therapists utilize their immense understanding of their human muscular skeletal system, physiological and body performance of joints, ligaments and tendons as a way to re-establish freedom and complete assortment of joint actions.

At exactly same period, physical therapy exercises and man oeuvres additionally decrease the probability of joint impairment and muscular injuries.

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