Is Promoting On Musically the right Thing To Do?

Musically is the perfect app for a beginner who wants to quickly gain celebrity status. All you have to do is record and download short videos (just a few seconds), called musical.lys. People usually use the app's song library for lip synchronization or famous movie and sound dialogues.

In addition, you can use the built-in camera application that has good effects and facial filters if you are not planning to use video editing software. The most important thing is that you only have the freedom to show your talent as a comedian, athlete, singer, dancer, stylist and stylist, and more!

Would You Like to be a Vlogger?

There is no problem. In fact, not only limits you to short videos, but also allows you to create long videos.

For all those who have a small Fanbase!

All you need to do is to follow as many people as possible. For example, go to the Comedies section and start following people or go to all the popular hashtags, whatever. You can even search for the famous hashtag # follow4follow. Some people will start following you.

The more fans you have and the better your content (high quality videos), the more users will follow you. You can not even follow whoever you want, and most will not bother to follow you if they follow you.

This is the most classic trick on most social platforms.

However, you can ask: is it fair to follow random people just to get followers for free?

It depends on you, but that's what social networks are! You connect with new people, and this is the best way to get attention.

You can even leave them a comment or comment, which would increase the chances of being followed by other users.

Also, if one of your subscribers requests a OFF (Our Forever Friendship), always do it OFF. In this way, you build trust in your followers, so they stay with you.

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